13 Rosas


Debut on 22nd October, 2005. Padre Soler Auditorium, Leganés, Madrid.

This performance is a tribute to all the innocent victims of the Spanish Civil War and of so many wars and situations where human beings are killed without justification.

At daybreak of 5th August, 1939, more than sixty young people were executed by a firing squad in Madrid. They were accused of an assasination attempt of a high-ranking police officer. Amongst those shot were thirteen women.

The company Arrieritos tells this story with the collaboration of thirteen female artists who help the audience experience the fears, uncertainity, deficiences and relationships that the protagonists of this terrible event shared.

The performance includes actors, flamenco and contemporary dancers, a guitarist, a flamenco singer and Héctor González at the piano.


“Max” Prize 2007 for the best dance show

“Max” Prize 2007 for the best choreography

Prize for the best dance show at Huesca’s International Theatre Festival 2006

“Chivas Telón” prize for the best theatrical production 2007


Intérpretes: Mara Rey, Montse Cortés, Ascensión Angulo, Antonia Jiménez, Pepa Molina, Ana Romero, Esperanza de la Vega, Lourdes Más, Mamen Godoy, Patricia Ruz, Patricia Torrero, Natalia González, Elena Santonja, Sonia González, Andrea Quintana, Mar Lopez, Olga Pericet, Hector González, Pepe Torres.

Dirección y creación musical: Héctor González

Diseño de iluminación: Tomás Pérez

Coordinación coreográfica: Cia. Arrieritos

Diseño de espacio escénico: Ana Garay / Florencio Campos

Diseño de vestuario: Ana Garay

Fotografía: Mafo Plata / Pedro Amay

Vídeo: David Picazo

Diseño gráfico: Gara Koan / Isla Grafica

Ingeniero técnico de sonido: Patrick Guishlan, Héctor González

Idea original: Elena Santonja, Patricia Torrero

Guión: Florencio Campo, David Picazo

Dirección: Florencio Campo

Adjunto a la dirección: David Picazo

Producción ejecutiva: Arrieritos

Producción: Cía. Arrieritos (ARRIERITOS SL)

Prensa: Pedro Sánchez y Carlos Colorado