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The company ARRIERITOS originated in 1996 from a proposal by the Teatro Pradillo (Madrid) to make a performance for the contemporary flamenco festival “La otra mirada del Flamenco”.

Since then ARRIERITOS has staged “Arrieritos somos…” (1996), “Ande yo caliente…” (1997), “…Todos los gatos son pardos” (1999), “Despacio y solitos” (2000), “Diario de un abrigo” (2001), “Tablaos, Fiestas y Saraos” (2002), “Entablao” (2003), “Oh, Solo mío” (2004), “13 Rosas” (2005) and “1+1=3 o la pequeña historia del Sr. Cuki” (2007).

ARRIERITOS has consolidated a line of work based on the blending of different styles of music and performances. It has made a big step forward in the world of flamenco and contemporary dance which has been recognized by the press and public. The company’s work was awarded the prize in the second Flamenco Festival in Jérez (1999) for the piece “No me quiero dormir”, the prize for the best touring dance show in Huesca’s Theatre and Dance Festival (2006, chosen by the public), the Telón Chivas prize for the best theatrical production (2007) and two Max prizes for the best choreography and best dance performance (2007) for “13 Rosas”. For their most recent production, “1+1=3 o la pequeña historia del Sr. Cuki”, they were finalists in the Max prize 2008 for the best children’s theatre.

ARRIERITOS continues its journey cultivating each one of its shows as a collective creation, enriching them with the contribution of new collaborators. Every performance is an example of group work that goes beyond the creation itself, providing each one with their own identity.

Their next project “europa (el rapto)” will make its debut in autumn 2008.

“When you know Arrieritos, you understand it is not only a dance company. The project Arrieritos is a gift for all those who are searching for sources of beauty in their memory amidst the noise and fury.” (Juan Herrera)


Born in Cantabria, he studied dance in both Santander and Madrid where he began his career as a professional.

He has collaborated with many artists, among those worth mentioning are Antonio Canales, Teresa Nieto, Rafael Amargo, Angela Molina, José Luis García Sánchez, Belén Maya, Joaquín Cortés, Mecano, Rocío Jurado, Antonio Ruiz Soler “el bailarín”, Angélica Lidell, Gerardo Vera, Paco Suárez, Luisillo, Carmen Cortés and Rafael Aguilar.

He was awarded first prize in the Danza Española and Flamenco Choreography Festival in Madrid in 1992 and 1993.

In 2008 he has been directing the show “Trazos de soledad” staged in Vancouver (Canada) in which he has been performing alongside Ana Arroyo.

He is one of the founding members of the company ARRIERITOS in which he is a director, a choreographer and a performer.


She began to study ballet and Danza Española (Spanish dance) in Elche where she was born. Later she moved to Madrid in order to continue her training.

Specialized in flamenco, she has developped her professional trajectory dancing for the companies of the following artists: Carmen Cortés, Manolete, Antonio Canales, El Güito, Rafael Amargo, Belen Maya, Joaquin Grilo, Manuel Liñan, Marcos Flores, Olga Pericet and Rocio Molina.

During these years, she has combined her work with dancing at the most important flamenco venues in Madrid (Corral de la Morería, Venta del Gato, Alcazaba, Al-Andalus, Café de Chinitas and Casa Patas) and Mexico (Gitanerías, Triana, Duende). She currently runs her own flamenco tablao “Las Carboneras”, one of the most prestigious venues in Madrid.

She is one of the founding members of the company ARRIERITOS in which she is a director, a choreographer and a performer.


She is from one of the most important Spanish families in the artistic field.

Her training since childhood has been based on flamenco both musically and as a choreographer. She has developed under the guidance of the most prestigious teachers such as Manolote, el Guito, La China, Antonio Canales.

She has spent her professional career working with companies and artists such as Rafael Aguilar, Teresa Berganza, Antonio Canales, Lola Greco, Paco Suárez, Belén Fernández, Carmen “la Talegona” and Tony Gatlif.

She has danced at several flamenco venues in Spain as well as in many countries throughout the world.

She is one of the founding members of the company ARRIERITOS in which she a director, a choreographer and a performer.


Awards: Dance Award by the autonoumous government of Madrid – National Dance Award 2004 – MAX Award 2007 for best female dancer – Premio Villa de Madrid 2007: Antonio Ruiz Soler “Antonio” choreography prize – Award in Huesca’s International Theatre and Dance Festival for the best touring dance show 2006-2007.

She was born in Tangiers where she combined studies in Danza Española (Spanish dance) and ballet with singing lessons, piano and theatre.

In 1979 her move to Madrid allowed her to discover contemporary expression under the guidance of Teresa Trujillo, Carl Paris and Christine Tanguay, while she continued her studies in ballet (Edith Mariño, Víctor Ullate, Carmen Roche, Luc Bouy…).

Since then and until now her professional experience is divided between her work as a teacher, a choreographer and a dancer. It’s worth highlighting her participation as a dancer in María José Ribot and Blanca Calvo’s Compañía Bocanada; as well as her collaboration with other choreographers such as Carl Paris, Margaret Jova, Denise Perdikidis and Iñaki Azpillaga.

In 1990 Teresa Nieto presented her first piece as Teresa Nieto en Compañía and she continues to create choreographs for the company today.

In her creative work she has choreographed for companies such as Antonio Canales, Compañía Escena Flamenca, the National Ballet of Paraguay, Belén Maya, Aracaladanza, Larumbe Danza, Caribbean Choreographic Centre and the National Ballet of Spain.

She has also been involved in a huge number of creative collaborations with several artists of different disciplines.

In all these years she has continued to develop her extensive career teaching in the best dance academies in Spain as well as in other countries.

She is one of the founding members of the company ARRIERITOS in which she is a director, a choreographer and a performer.


She started her professional career at seventeen dancing with the pianist Felipe Campuzano and as part of Rafael de Córdoba’s company.

She has worked as a solo dancer for several important dancers and companies of Danza Española (Spanish dance) and flamenco: Rafael Aguilar, Luisillo, Antonio Alonso, Antonio Vargas, Diego Llori, Felipe Sánchez…

She has danced at the best flamenco venues in Madrid (Corral de la Morería, Corral de la Pacheca, Venta del Gato, Al Andalus, Alcazaba, Las Carboneras, Casa Patas etc.) and in other countries (Gitanerías in Mexico and Spain Kikaku in Japan).

At the same time she has developed an important career in teaching and as a choreographer in different parts of the world: United States, Italy, Japan…

She is one of the founding members of the company ARRIERITOS in which she is a director, a choreographer, a performer and works in production and administration.


Born in Torremolinos (Malaga)

Since 1980 she has carried out her artistic work in Madrid. She has worked with dance companies and choreographers such as Antonio Ruiz Soler “Antonio”, Los Goyescos, Maria Rosa, Fernando Romero, Luisillo, Miguel Angel, Rafael Aguilar, Danzahar Ballet Español, Goyo Montero, Teresa Nieto, Blanca Li, Carmen Werner, El Tinglao.

She was part of the Antonio Canales Company participating in productions “A Ti Carmen Amaya”, “Torero” and “Narciso”.

As a dancer she performed in the winning choreographies of the First and Second International Danza Española and Flamenco Festival in Madrid. She also was part of Patricia Ruz’s choregraphy “En Blanco” which was awarded second prize in the Contemporary Dance Festival in Madrid.

In 2005 she created and directed “Fisterra” for the company El Tinglao.

She has also been teaching in several countries.

She is one of the founding members of the company ARRIERITOS in which she is a director, a choreographer, a performer and works in production and administration.